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To the planetSustainable initiatives

Being a sustainable destination, committed to protecting the environment and cultural heritage, as well as promoting social and economic well-being, is at the heart of Playa de Muro.

This is evidenced by the fact that both the beach and most of the area’s hotels apply environmental management systems, renewing their ISO 14001 and EMAS (international standards) certificates year after year, as well as other kinds of certification.

Travellife, Carbon Footprint 2019 and the Sustainable Hotel Network are just some of the certificates that guarantee respect and care for the natural ecosystem of Playa de Muro and its surroundings. There's a reason why Playa de Muro is 100% natural.

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Zero wasteCircular hotels

In order to reduce waste generation as much as possible, Playa de Muro’s hotels have reached agreements with local farmers to implement the circular economy concept.

This means that material generated by hotels (pruning and organic waste) is given to local farmers for the production of compost, which in turn is used to grow vegetables.

Crops grown with this natural compost are bought by the hotels themselves to be used in “0 KM” dishes and menus, thus closing the waste management circle.

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Renetas Project

The Renetas project comes to Playa de Muro. This environmental and social is funded by the Sustainable Tourism Tax Fund.

Renetas initiative was created with the aim of giving a new useful life to the mattresses and floats that tourists no longer use after their holidays. The floats and mattresses are made of PVC, a material that cannot be recycled and must be incinerated in order to be disposed of. Thanks to the collaboration of the Hotel Association of Playa de Muro and the Es Garrover Foundation, the sustainability and circularity of Playa de Muro as a tourist destination will be improved.

The Es Garrover fundaiton in charge of giving a new life to the mattresses and floats, will offer new jobs to people with mental issues.

Plastic-free destination

Each year, thousands of tonnes of plastic end up in the oceans. This is why commitment to eliminating plastic use is so important in Playa de Muro.

You won't find any kind of reusable plastic at many hotels in the area, including cups, cutlery, straws, food containers, wrappers, bags, drinks bottles, toiletry containers, etc.

This commitment helps preserve the beauty and health of the Mediterranean Sea, one of the jewels of Playa de Muro.


Hotels in Playa de Muro are firmly committed to the environment. Several have set ambitious targets for the next few years, such as the total elimination of waste, neutralising carbon emissions and achieving 100% responsibly sourced fish and seafood consumption.



Some hotels have programmes to train people who are at risk of exclusion, opening up positions such as cook, waiter or sommelier to them, and offering them stable employment at the company itself.

In line with this philosophy, the Restaurante Escuela (Restaurant School) has been created at an establishment in Playa de Muro, which offers delicacies cooked and served by its students to anyone who wants to try them. Don’t miss this gastronomic initiative during your visit to Playa de Muro. It’s something that both young and old alike can enjoy in complete safety.



Most of our hotels monitor their energy sources, periodically reviewing them and applying appropriate corrective actions wherever necessary.

All this translates into installing mechanisms such as automatic systems operated by card (lighting and air conditioning), double glazing, low-consumption lighting, individual temperature regulators, automatic disconnection sensors, and more.

Likewise, most hotels consume energy from their own photovoltaic panels, solar panels or external renewable energy sources.



The hotels of Playa de Muro and their additional services have been recycling their waste for more than a decade. Packaging, paper, cardboard, glass and organic waste are collected daily and transferred to recycling plants, where they are treated and given a second life.

Particularly in the case of organic waste, it is transformed into organic fertilizer that is provided to farmers on the island, who use it for fruit and vegetable crops.



Hotels in Playa de Muro purchase a large part of their food from local farmers, guaranteeing all guests local, “0 KM” products. In many cases, the hotels themselves contribute to producing these foods by converting their organic waste into compost that is then used by the farmers.

Likewise, restaurant hotels use a controlled preparation concept, known as “a la minute”, to avoid excessive leftovers.



In Playa de Muro, we believe that a destination cannot be sustainable without contributing to its social welfare.

This is why hotels actively collaborate by helping NGOs (donating linen and household items), people at risk of social exclusion (restaurant schools and direct hiring), victims of rare diseases, etc. In short, helping those in need – both on the island and in other countries and continents. Because the most important thing is people helping people.




Several hotels in Playa de Muro have implemented a local wildlife control system that uses the most natural system possible: letting nature act.

In short, the system consists of sterilizing and feeding the feline population so that they can contribute to the natural balance of the animal ecosystem in a controlled way. Nature is always wise, and in Playa de Muro we are 100% natural.



A destination cannot be considered sustainable if environmental management systems are implemented without adequate training in environmental and social matters, both for establishments’ employees and their associates.

We are aware of this in Playa de Muro and, for this reason, we work on environmental training projects to achieve the awareness and methodology necessary to make our environmental projects and objectives a reality.



Mobility has a significant impact on C02 emissions. We are well aware of this in Playa de Muro, and so many hotels have installed charging points for electric vehicles and promote the use of bicycles for short journeys.

In the same vein, hotels are progressively replacing their own fleets with electric vehicles. In short, use electric cars and bicycles to enjoy the island and local landscapes in a natural, sustainable way.



Water is a scarce and highly valuable natural resource. In Playa de Muro, measures are taken to ensure efficient consumption.

Some examples of these measures include monitoring and repair (e.g. ensuring leaks are repaired quickly), investment in improving efficiency (e.g. taps and shower heads that reduce water consumption, dual-flush cisterns, etc.) and changes in processes (e.g. planting native plants in gardens, changing watering schedules to times where there is less sunshine).

Smoke-free beach

Smoke-free beach

Sector 2 of Playa de Muro has been named this year 2024 as a smoke-free beach. With this title, this coastal area enters the Healthy Beaches programme of the Balearic Islands Ministry of Health.

With this initiative, this beach of Playa de Muro becomes a smoke-free area in front of the sea. With these actions in Playa de Muro we join healthy practices to promote our Sector 2 beach as a more sustainable destination. At the entrance to the beach you will find signs that certify that it is a smoke and waste free area.

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