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Natural Park s'Albufera de Majorca

S'Albufera de Majorca is a protected natural park that can be accessed from Playa de Muro. With a total of 2,036 hectares, S'Albufera is the largest and most important wetland area in the Balearic Islands.

If you are staying in Playa de Muro, you’ll be pleased to know that many of the hotels in the area have views of S'Albufera de Majorca Natural Park, as well as specific birdwatching services, one of the activities you can do in this natural zone.

Hotels for birdwatchers
Hoteles para Birdwatchers

Birds in paradise

S'Albufera de Majorca is a true paradise for birdwatching. Here you’ll find up to 303 species of birds, which accounts for two thirds of the total number of species in the Balearic archipelago. More than 10,000 birds spend winter in s'Albufera, as well as large groups of starlings and migratory birds such as swallows, gargeny, cranes, etc.

At s'Albufera Natural Park, you’ll find 8 bird observatories and 11 observation platforms. Consult our calendar to find out which birds you can see at each time of the year.


S'Albufera de Majorca is ideal for walks with the family. When you arrive at the Natural Park, you’ll receive a map with four suggested self-guided itineraries: Colombars Itinerary, Sa Roca Itinerary, Camí d’Enmig - Ses Puntes Itinerary and Cibollar Itinerary.

All the park's routes are easy and suitable for pushchairs.

As you walk along the paths of s'Albufera de Majorca, you’ll discover local fauna and flora thanks to the numerous informative signs along the way.

The vegetation includes reeds, sorrel, white poplar and more than 200 species of fungi. As for fauna, there are plenty of eels, frogs, snakes, bats and nocturnal butterflies.

Map of s'Albufera

All about s'Albufera Frequently asked questions

How do you get to s’Albufera?
S'Albufera can be reached on foot or by bicycle from Pont dels Anglesos. If you come by car, you can park your vehicle on the streets of one of the nearby estates, or at the small car park next to the Park’s entrance. From here you will have to walk or cycle 1.1km to reach the information centre.
What are the opening hours of s'Albufera de Majorca?
S'Albufera is open from 9am to 6pm in high season (1 April to 30 September), and from 9am to 5pm during the rest of the year.
What is the entrance fee?
The visit is free of charge, but you have to get a permit from the Visitor Reception Centre. The Reception Centre is open from 9am to 4pm year round (except Christmas and New Year).
What are the rules when visiting s'Albufera?
You will be informed of the park rules at the Reception Centre. It is important to respect the rules signposted in the park. You are not allowed to bring pets, play sports or cause a disturbance.
What services are there at s'Albufera de Majorca?
S'Albufera de Majorca has a public WC, a Visitor Centre, an Interpretation Centre with a small exhibition, 8 bird observatories and bird observatories. You are not allowed to consume food at the observatories, or have picnics in the Park.
What activities are there at s'Albufera?
S'Albufera Natural Park periodically organises activities and workshops. You need to book in advance by calling 971 892 250.
Is s'Albufera de Majorca adapted for people with disabilities?
People with reduced mobility can request special visiting conditions at the Park.

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