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Cycling in Majorca
from Playa de Muro

Playa de Muro is an exceptional destination for bike tourism in Majorca. Cycling routes for all levels – from easy to expert – mean you can discover some of the Balearic Islands’ best kept secrets by bike: charming villages, spectacular viewpoints, routes through natural areas, dreamy coves...

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Ciclismo en Mallorca desde Playa de Muro

The best bike tourism routesIn Majorca, Balearic Islands

Ruta cicloturista 1 de Playa de Muro a Betlem

Majorca bike tourism route 1 from Playa de Muro to Betlem

A bike tourism route in Majorca that will take you along almost the entire bay of Alcudia to the coast of Artà, passing through the tourist resorts of Colonia de Sant Pere and Betlem. A visit to the public estate of Son Real and its prehistoric Acropolis (via KM 10.9) is the final touch to this cycling route around the island, with incredible sea views.

  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Circular route
  • 67 Kilometres
  • 3 Hours
Ruta cicloturista 2 De Playa de Muro a Cala Sant Vicenç

Majorca bike tourism route 2 from Playa de Muro
to Cala Sant Vicenç

A cycling route for those who want to enjoy a stretch of the island that poses little difficulty. A bike ride over spectacular, peaceful paths, discovering the wetlands of s'Albufereta via the “old road” of Cala Sant Vicenç. Don't forget to bring your swimming costume so you can enjoy the water when you reach the cove!

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Circular route
  • 67 Kilometres
  • 2:30 hours
Ruta cicloturista 3 De Playa de Muro a Lluc

Majorca bike tourism route 3 from Playa de Muro to Lluc

This cycling route in Majorca is for experienced cyclists, as many sections of the ascent to the hill of Sa Batalla have a gradient of over 5%. This route takes you to the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2010. It is considered one of the jewels not only of the island of Majorca, but of all the Balearic Islands. On the way back, there is the option to cycle along the coast, taking the detour (KM 54) towards Port de Pollença.

  • Difficulty: hard
  • Circular route
  • 67 kilometres
  • 3:30 hours
Ruta cicloturista 4 De Playa de Muro a Randa

Majorca bike tourism route 4 from Playa de Muro to Randa

A cycling trip far removed from the typical routes. It takes you to one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Majorca: the Cura Sanctuary in Randa. In addition to spectacular views over the island, you’ll find a restaurant and café, a picnic area and a guesthouse at the top of the mountain. However, ascent to Randa is demanding: 5 km at a gradient of 5.6%.

  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Circular route
  • 117 kilometres
  • 4:30 hours
Ruta cicloturista 5 De Playa de Muro a Orient

Majorca bike tourism route 5 from Playa de Muro to Orient

This cycling trip around Majorca allows you to visit some of the best-preserved mountain villages in the Balearic Islands, which have maintained their authentic essence despite the passage of time. The views from your bike on the last stretch to the village of Orient – a small, charming village – are simply spectacular.

  • Difficulty: hard
  • Circular route
  • 117 kilometres
  • 4:30 hours
Ruta cicloturista 6 Playa de Muro - Cala Mesquida - Sant Salvador

Majorca bike tourism route 6 Playa de Muro - Cala Mesquida - Sant Salvador

One of the most demanding cycling routes in the Balearic Isles. You’ll first discover Península de Llevant Natural Park, before reaching Cala Mesquida. The second stretch takes you to the impressive Oratorio de Sant Salvador. This ascent is considered one of the most difficult on the island of Majorca: 4.5 km at 7.6% without any rest.

  • Difficulty: expert
  • Circular route
  • 151 kilometres
  • 6 hours
Ruta cicloturista 7 de Playa de Muro al Pla de Mallorca

Majorca bike tourism route 7 from Playa de Muro
to Pla de Mallorca

A comfortable excursion that takes you to one of the most important agricultural areas of the Balearic Islands: Pla de Majorca. The hardest part of the route is upon exiting Santa Margalida, with continuous ascents and descents. The route is characterised by quiet country lanes. There is some uneven terrain, but it can easily be traversed by road bike.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Circular route
  • 57 kilometers
  • 3 hours

Sport competitions for cyclists

If you're looking for a real challenge, the Playa de Muro area regularly holds sporting competitions for cyclists of all levels,  such as Mallorca 312.

There’s everything from triathlons combining cycling, running and swimming, to bike rides in their purest form and adapted cycling races.

Whatever your level and condition, you’ll find the challenge best suited to you in Playa de Muro. 

Sports competitions

Hotels specialising
in bike tourism

Many hotels in Playa de Muro offer specialised services for cyclists: cycling stations, bicycle garages, bike rental and repair services, washing areas, adapted menus and timetables, physiotherapy, information on routes... in other words, everything you need for a top-quality cycling holiday.

You can find out about specific services offered by each bike tourism hotel in Playa de Muro and find special offers on their official websites.

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Services for cyclist in the area

In addition to bike tourism hotels, in Playa de Muro you’ll find more than a dozen companies specialising in all kinds of services for cycling lovers. 

Guided routes, training camps, personalised experiences, equipment rental, equipment sales... Could planning your next getaway be any easier?

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