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A beach adapted for people with disabilities

Playa de Muro is a prime example of an accessible destination. In addition to an ISO Certificate in Universal Accessibility, we have a Distinction in Breaking Architectural Barriers and Assistance for People with Disabilities. We also have one of the most complete safety systems in the world

Likewise, most of the hotel establishments in the area have eliminated their architectural barriers to make Playa de Muro an inclusive tourist destination.

Playa adaptada para personas con discapacidad
ISO UNE 170001 Distinción temática en ruptura de barreras arquitectónicas y atención a personas con necesidads especiales Bandera Azul


From walkways to access bathing areas to amphibian chairs and crutches that allow people with reduced mobility to enter the sea, Playa de Muro has all the necessary infrastructure to guarantee accessibility for everyone.


Playa de Muro is also an ideal destination for accessible sports. In addition to a swimming canal for people with reduced vision, at the Sailing School you’ll find adapted equipment for windsurfing, surfing, paddleboarding and catamaran, as well as teaching programmes for people with visual impairment or reduced mobility.

When it comes to sports competitions held in the area, adapted sports also play a leading role. Playa de Muro hosts the Mallorca HandBike Tour, one of the most important accessible sports competitions in Europe, in which world champions and Olympic medallists take part.

Asociación Hotelera de Platja de Muro

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