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The area of Muro, in Mallorca, offers lovers of culture a multitude of plans and things to do. The local culture and traditions feature festivals and popular celebrations that are definitely worth discovering.

The area's culinary culture also boasts dishes and creations typical of Muro and Mallorca that visitors should not miss. Depending on the time of year, one can find a range of different events, activities and dishes.

Calendar of fairs and festivalsIN MURO

When planning your trip to Muro and Playa de Muro, it is a good idea to know about the traditional festivals held during the different times of year, to better organize your stay.



On January 17, the celebration of Sant Antoni (St Anthony) takes place, when the tradition is to bless animals. On the eve of January 16, foguerons (bonfires) are lit and parades of dimonis (demons) are organized.

The celebration of Sant Antoni is closely linked to a traditional turnover known as an espinagada, a savoury dish stuffed mainly with vegetables and another main ingredient, usually pork. The typical version from Muro is the eel espinagada, as this ingredient abounds in the area, previously fished in s'Albufera.



The month of February coincides with the celebration of Carnival, when the residents of Muro organize comparsas, groups that parade in costumes and with floats.

The Carnival parades in Muro and Mallorca are known as "Las Ruas", and are usually well attended by both adults and children.

March and April

March and April

In the months of March and April we have to talk about Holy Week, with all the processions and celebrations that it entails. The processions of Holy Thursday and Good Friday are of special note, as well as that on Easter morning, when the Procession of the Encounter is held, which recreates the meeting between the Virgin Mary and Jesus after the resurrection.

Throughout Easter Week, it is a tradition to make panades, cocarrois, crespells and robiols, other traditional Mallorcan products.

On the first Sunday after Easter the Fira de Sant Francesc fair is held.



The month of June is that of the feast day of Muro's patron saint: Saint John the Baptist. All kinds of festivities are held, including sports events, exhibitions, cultural events, etc., organized around this celebration.

The celebration of San Juan usually lasts for several days, so it is a good idea to check the agenda of festivities each year on the City of Muro's website.

July and August

July and August

Playa de Muro's festivals are celebrated in the month of July. The beach of Ses Casetes des Capellans also has its own celebration, in the month of August.

On summer nights Playa de Muro holds a Fira nocturna, a fair featuring small stalls selling local crafts and different gastronomic products.



In October, close to the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Day -12 October- in Playa de Muro an event called Vins & Art celebrated, which includes wine tasting and an art exhibition. A dozen wineries on the island participate, including Bodegas Butxet and Vins i Vinyes Son Ramon, two important vineyards located in the Muro area.

During each edition of Vins & Art, a renowned sommelier offers a free master class to all the participants. Local artists (painters, sculptors...) from Muro and its environs exhibit their works. All this is rounded out by great live music.



In November Muro celebrates the Fira de la Tardor (Autumn Fair). This is a popular event attended by people from all over the island, as it offers many different activities for the whole family. This fair is also known as the Fira de la Carabassa (Pumpkin Fair), which since 2007 has been dedicated to this vegetable.

The Fira de la Tardor includes many gastronomic events, local product fairs, and other cultural happenings, such as exhibitions and open houses. Today it is very common to start buying Christmas turrón (nougat) at the Fira de la Tardor.



Finally, of course, in the month of December, Muro celebrates Christmas in a traditional way. One of the acts that the visitor cannot miss is the singing of the Sibilla, at the Christmas Eve Mass

This is a form of religious song that is performed at most of the churches, and has been declared World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Traditional cuisine



Thanks to its proximity to the Albufera de Mallorca (lagoon), Muro traditionally has crops of native varieties of rice. With this local rice well-known dishes are prepared, such as arròs brut, made with a particular mixture of spices, including cinnamon.

Traditional dishes

Traditional dishes

In Muro a certain dish is traditionally prepared for each festivity, celebration or time of year. An example of this is the preparation of the espinagada, for Sant Antoni, as previously discussed.



Mallorca's gastronomic traditions includes its pig slaughters, producing its sobrasada and longaniza sausages. These two products are associated with Mallorca all over the world, and are of exceptional quality thanks to the island's climate, which makes possible their necessary curing.

El ball de bot and dimonis

Local celebrations in the Muro area are often linked to els dimonis and els correfocs. Fire, pyrotechnics and devil costumes infuse many celebrations with light, noise and fun.

Also related to the popular festivities of Muro, it is important to talk about the ball de bot, a traditional dance all across the island of Mallorca.

Traditional Mallorcan bands such as "els Xeremiers de Muro - Es Reguinyol" and the Revetla d'Algebelí are always present at local celebrations, such as the Fira de la Tardor, Sant Antoni and Sant Joan.

Among the events related to music that take place in Muro, the Miquel Tortell Music Festival stands out, name for a prominent Mallorcan composer, organist and priest from the town (1802 - 1868).

Routes through the townOF MURO

The visitor should not miss the opportunity to take a walk through the historic center of the town, an area steeped in great traditions and rich in history, to see its main monuments. Highly recommended is going up to the Paseo de Sa Riba to take in the magnificent views of the Albufera and the Bay of Alcudia, Playa de Muro included.

To learn more about the traditions and culture of the town of Muro, you should visit the Ethnological Museum of Muro on the town's Calle Mayor. It documents the traditional trades of the area, displaying tools and utensils that were used in bygone eras.

A good way to get to know the town of Muro is on four routes that cover points of general interest. These four routes, or itineraries, through Muro can be viewed directly on the City of Muro website.

Routes through the town

The Art of
Adolf Gil

Adolf Gil is a renowned local artist who, among many other projects, has created the "Linocuts in Muro" initiative, an urban art route consisting of works scattered on different streets of the town.

The most curious thing about this route is that each person who visits can take home one of the works, reproducing it through the art of frottage, which consists of placing a paper on the engraving and rubbing it with a pencil, marker or wax pencil.

Artist's website

The Art of Adolf Gil

Architecture and recommended places to visit

Among the religious-themed visits, the Cloister of the Old Convent of Minimos and the Church of Santa Ana, whose cloister is part of the ex-convent of Minimos, stand out.

This monument was declared an "Asset of Cultural Interest" by the Council of Mallorca in 2004.

Also worth visiting is the Bullring, known as "La Monumental", which, accommodating 4,800 spectators, also hosts sports and concerts, among other events.

FAQs about Muro

When are Muro's local festivities?
The patron saint of Muro is Sant Joan, celebrated on June 24. Throughout the year, however, different events and celebrations are held, including the Fair of Sant Francesc, the first Sunday after Easter.
When are Playa de Muro's festivities?
The last weekend of July.
When are the festivities of Els capellans?
The month of August.
On what day is the Muro market?
Every Sunday morning.
When is the Fira de la Tardor?
This fair is held in Muro on the second Sunday of November.
When is Playa de Muro's Fira Nocturna?
The fira nocturna is held during Playa de Muro's festivities on the last weekend of July. Throughout the summer, from June to September, a night market is also held.

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