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Platja de Muro is one of the safest beaches in the world. The prevention and rescue programme has become an important reference around the world, and was taken as an example of how to develop prevention systems on Caribbean beaches.

The beach has also won important awards such as the Blue Flag, a Distinction for Excellence in Rescue, Lifeguarding and First Aid, and the Safe Tourism Certificate for the application of anti-COVID protocols.

But there are many other reasons why Playa de Muro is a safe destination for your next holiday. Come and discover them all!

Safe tourism Compromiso de Calidad Turística Bandera Azul Distinción de Salvamento


Playa de Muro has one of the most complete security systems in the world: up to 15 lifeguards watching over 7km of beach, red first aid points, ambulance with life support, defibrillators at each of the lifeguard towers, safes available to beach-goers, etc.

But there’s more: in case of emergency, there is a whole rescue system in place, made up of off-road cars, quad bikes, jet skis, canoes, paddle surf boards, and even a heliport.

Each year, Playa de Muro increases its investment in security, to guarantee everyone’s safety. Because there’s nothing more important than your health and peace of mind.

Toore de vigilancia

Monitoring system

At Playa de Muro, each lifeguard tower is a different colour. This means that if someone is in distress, they can easily indicate their position by simply identifying the colour of the tower. In addition to this, there is a large team of lifeguards, first aid points, defibrillators and rescue equipment, all designed to make your visit as safe as possible.

HI Point

Radiation analysis

In Playa de Muro, a pioneering service has been launched to help prevent skin cancer: software known as Hi-Point, which tells users the minimum sun protection factor they need at any given moment depending on the current levels of radiation and their skin, eye and hair colour.

Aguas poco profundas

Shallow waters

Playa de Muro’s shallow waters mean children can play along the shoreline with no cause for concern. This makes it a perfect destination for families and people seeking worry-free holidays.


Cardio-protected beach

Every lifeguard tower along Playa de Muro beach is equipped with a defibrillator during lifeguard service. The lifeguards have received the appropriate training to attend to a cardiac emergency.



Playa de Muro is home to the leading hospital in the north of Majorca, Hospital General Juaneda Muro, which is equipped with operating theatres and hospital beds. This hospital, along with Clínica Quirón Playa de Muro, guarantees comprehensive healthcare both for residents and tourists.


Child safety and disability

To guarantee the safety and autonomy of children and adults with disabilities, as well as the peace of mind of their families, Playa de Muro has a system of ID wristbands with registration numbers and emergency telephone numbers. They can be requested from the nearest lifeguard.

Smoke-free beachSustainable destination

Sector 2 of Playa de Muro has been named this year 2024 as a smoke-free beach. With this title, this coastal area enters the Healthy Beaches programme of the Balearic Islands Ministry of Health.

With this initiative, this beach in Playa de Muro becomes a smoke-free area in front of the sea. With these actions in Playa de Muro we join healthy practices to promote our Sector 2 beach as a more sustainable destination.

At the entrance to the beach you will find signs that certify that it is a smoke-free and waste-free area.


* 15 lifeguards during the months of july and august. 13 lifeguards in may, june, september and october.

** Safety elements available to any citizen for beach aid..

Asociación Hotelera de Platja de Muro

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