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Training Camps en Playa de Muro

Published: 15 February 2023

For some years now, Playa de Muro and the hotels in the area in general have become very popular with cyclists, triathletes and many other visitors with a passion for sport.

This is why the accommodation in the area has been adapting its facilities and services to meet the needs of these customers.

In addition, the climate and its good communications make Playa de Muro an ideal region for activities such as planning the pre-season cycling season.

  1. What is a Training Camp?
  2. Training Camps in Playa de Muro for 2023
  3. Other sports events in Playa de Muro
Group of cyclists in Playa de Muro

Throughout the season, hotels specialising in cycling offer outings and events in the area. However, it is worth mentioning the “training camps” that are being organised for athletes who want to go one step further.

What is a Training Camp?

Let us first clarify the concept so that the athlete understands what he or she will encounter in general terms.

A training camp for cyclists is not just a simple camp in which to practice a sport, but much more. They offer a complete experience aimed at taking the cyclist or athlete’s training to the next level.

Training bicycles on a road in the north of Majorca

Details such as location, accommodation, food and climate are what make the trip a success. Throughout the entire stay, the athlete has the necessary support to make the most of the experience and maximise the benefits of the specialised training.

There are “camps” for all levels of sport, so they are suitable for both professionals and general sports enthusiasts.

Training Camps in Playa de Muro for 2023

Because of all these characteristics of the training camps located in Playa de Muro, the offer is getting bigger and more interesting every year. Below, we are going to give you the details of some of them so that you can get to know them better:

LUXCOM Triathlon Camp Hotel VIVA Blue Mallorca 2023

The Luxcom is a training triathlon that was born in 1999, through the eyes of a visitor who fell in love with Mallorca: Guy.

Since then, it has been promoting a philosophy that attaches great importance to accompanying the athlete in every step of the journey. This allows you to focus on your sport and achieve successful training.

The Luxcom has a large and experienced team of guides who know the North of Mallorca and Playa de Muro to perfection. Its 2023 edition will take place from 25th March to 8th April and all the details and registration can be consulted on its official website

Mario Mola Training Experience

With the help of the well-known triathlete Mario Mola, Viva Hotels is organising this training camp in Playa de Muro from the 23rd to the 26th of March.

As well as enjoying cycling on the quiet roads of the north of Mallorca, this sporting experience includes a 25mm heated outdoor swimming pool and a day of open water swimming (in the lane in the bay of Alcúdia).

Swimmer training in the Alcúdia open water channel.

The Mario Mola Training Experience also offers talks, guided training sessions and the best advice during your stay. All of this is adapted to any level, so that everyone can take full advantage of the sporting experience.

Details of the event and registration can be found here.

Experience the Cliclismo! with Garden Hotels

This proposal goes beyond what we strictly understand as a Training Camp for cyclists in Playa de Muro.

The hotel chain offers several establishments specialised in the cycling tourism sector, thanks to specially equipped facilities with Cycling Stations and their support staff.

The elite athlete will find the best facilities with specifically designed cycling apartments: spacious, comfortable and modern.

In addition, its Cycling Stations offer professional facilities with secure bicycle garages, a workshop with all the necessary tools and specific areas for washing bicycles.

Cyclists hanging up their bicycles after training

From its hotels, you can enjoy eight cycling routes around the island of Mallorca adapted to all levels. Undoubtedly one of the most interesting options for visitors to Playa de Muro, who are looking to enjoy their favourite sport in the best facilities and with all the comforts.

All information about the specific facilities for cyclists is available on their website.

Other sports days in Playa de Muro

In addition to experiences aimed at cyclists and triathletes, Playa de Muro offers many other related activities such as hiking and trail-running. The nearby and accessible surroundings of the Serra de Tramuntana are very suitable for these complementary sports.

Trail runner on a road in Mallorca

To find out about the options available, you can consult the hotels in Playa de Muro directly, as well as websites dedicated to the subject.

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