Playa de Muro continues its commitment to circularity

Published: 4 July 2024

Playa de Muro continues for another year with the Renetas Project and its commitment to the environment. This year, 2024, 24 hotels of the Hotel Association of Playa de Muro will collaborate with the aim of recycling and revaluing the mats that are usually abandoned in the hotels.

The Renetas project is financed by funds from the Balearic Islands Government’s Sustainable Tourism Tax. This initiative aims to boost the social and circular economy, sustainably manage tourist waste and create jobs.

Through the Renetas project, the mattresses will be recovered and revalued, extending their life cycle through upcycling by giving them a new use in the form of new products such as aprons, bags, cases or toiletry bags, among others. These products could be used in the destination’s own hotels, thus closing the cycle.

Objetivos del proyecto Renetas

  • Encouraging the recovery and recycling of mats
  • Raising awareness of tourists through communication campaigns
  • Increase recovery of mats at collection points.
  • Improving selection at source through training of hotel employees
  • Upcycling mattresses to make them Zero Waste products

Resultado Proyecto Renetas en 2023

The Renetas project aims to reduce the volume of discarded mattresses by 60-80% by 2024. In 2023, this initiative managed to collect a total of 5.4 tonnes of discarded mattress waste.

Novedades Proyecto Renetas 2024

For 2024 the Playa de Muro Association is counting on the help of the company Anysolution for the Renetas Project. This synergy between both entities will help the initiative with its experience in methodology and innovative projects for tourist destinations.

The Es Garrover Foundation in Inca is another of the entities that form part of the Renetas in 2024 project. Es Garrover is a non-profit organisation that since 1997 has been promoting the social and labour integration of people with mental health disorders, raising awareness in society and supporting diagnosed people and their families.

This centre in Inca will be in charge of the final phase of the project, giving a new life to the mats that have been collected from the hotels in Playa de Muro. Es Garrover will provide environmental services related to the recovery and recycling of waste materials, as well as the design and manufacture of upcycling products and zero waste products.

In addition, the project aims to train more than 300 employees of the hotels that are part of the association.

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