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The restaurants in Playa de Muro offer gastronomic experiences to suit all tastes. Paella on the beachfront, signature cuisine with sea views, Michelin-starred restaurants, chilled chiringuitos, oyster and caviar bars, live music, and more.

In short, if you visit Majorca you can’t miss the flavours offered by the restaurants in Playa de Muro.


S'Albufera not only provides Playa de Muro with great scenery, but it also allows unique variety of rice that is only found in this part of Majorca to be cultivated: arroz bombita.

This variety was introduced to the island by families who came to Majorca in the 1950s from Valencia, Spain's rice Mecca. Since then, this product has provided restaurants in the area with the best raw material for paella and arròs brut, one of Majorca's most traditional dishes.

our selection ofrestaurants in Playa de Muro

Are you looking for restaurants in Playa de Muro? In this part of the island you’ll find restaurants for all tastes: restaurants with sea views, restaurants with tables on the beach, grills, chill outs, traditional restaurants, avant-garde offerings, Italian restaurants, the best paellas, and more.

Ca'n Pescador

Ca'n Pescador

At this restaurant in Playa de Muro, you can savour the essence of the Mediterranean through traditional cuisine, close to one of the best beaches in Majorca. Paella, rice dishes, meat and fresh fish. A menu with local produce, so you can enjoy the flavour of our land and sea. 

Can Gavella

Can Gavella

Wicker baskets hang from the ceiling of this modern beach bar that features a menu of rice dishes, fideuá and local cuisine. Can Gavella is a restaurant in Playa de Muro where you can enjoy an exquisite paella on the beachfront.


Dakota Tex Mex

Enjoy genuine Majorcan pork ribs, authentic hamburgers and homemade Tex-Mex specialities. Run by a Majorcan family since 1993, this American-themed restaurant offers you an authentic taste of Majorca's best produce.

El León rojo

El León rojo

A Mediterranean restaurant on the beachfront with more than 40 years of experience, it specialises in paella with Majorcan rice, fresh fish and grilled meats. Unbeatable beach views.

El Patio

El Patio

At this restaurant you’ll find grilled meats: T-bone, sirloin, entrecotes, chops, and more. They’re all served with the special house marinade and accompanied by the best sauces. You can't leave without trying their speciality: skewers.


Figueret Restaurant

Figueret Restaurant offers gastronomic options based on traditional Majorcan cuisine, along with a wide variety of meats, grilled fish and seafood, paella, and the very best selection of fresh fish. One of the area’s most traditional restaurants.


Fusion 19 Michelin star

Fusion 19 is creative, innovative and avant-garde – yet also traditional. This restaurant -awarded a Michelin star- maintains the essence of local gastronomy, offering you the best signature cuisine with a journey through the 5 continents in a 9-step tasting menu.


Giardino Fusion

This is a restaurant where you’ll find culinary offerings that combine traditional recipes with both fresh, local produce plus high-quality, international ingredients. Creative cuisine awaits you at Giardino with starters, appetizers, pizzas, pastas, meat dishes and fish. There are also vegetarian specialities, children's menus, gluten-free dishes and an extensive wine list.

Grand Café

Grand Café 1919

At this café de Playa de Muro  you can enjoy delicious creative cocktails as well as freshly brewed coffee and a wide range of snacks, breakfast, homemade ice cream and sushi. Best of all, it's just a few steps from the beach.



A unique gastronomic experience based on nature, treating produce with care and a delicate, artisanal technique steeped in history to intensify the pleasure of food. GUST, one of the most avant-garde restaurants.


La Ponderosa

In this restaurant in Playa de Muro, you can try one of the best paellas in Majorca, right on the seafront. La Ponderosa is a chiringuito that combines the tradition of having your feet on the sand with a modern gastronomic concept.

BALNEARIO 4 - Milano Beach

BALNEARIO 4 - Milano Beach

Mediterranean-inspired gastronomic offerings. Paella is the speciality. At BALNEARIO 4 - Milano Beach restaurant, they’ve created a fun atmosphere with the best sea views, live music and weekly deep/funky and soulhouse DJ sets.



A new fusion cuisine concept in a cool atmosphere. The Japanese restaurant Picco-Sushi.Cocktails is an à la carte Asian restaurant with Japanese delicacies. At Pico-Pizza.Pasta you’ll find Italian cuisine à la carte, with a casual atmosphere and large pizzas.


Restaurant Boy

Restaurant Boy is the most famous grill in the north of Majorca. In addition to an extensive menu, Boy offers the best national and imported premium meats, grill, children's area, quality and commitment. All this just 200 metres from the beach.

Numa Beach

Numa Beach

Numa Beach is a shorefront space that has been offering gastronomy and cocktails in a casual environment for more than 20 years. They have a young team keeping their creations ahead of the trend, plus an unparalleled setting with panoramic views of the wonderful bay of Playa de Muro.


Typical majorcan cuisineYou can't miss

You can sample the most traditional Majorcan cuisine at the restaurants of Playa de Muro, enjoying both classic versions and avant-garde offerings. We’re going to tell you about some of the dishes you can't miss.

Arros brut
Arròs Brut

A spicy rice broth that has multiple versions, and that reaches its maximum expression when it is made with local arroz bombeta rice.

Pa amb Oli
Pa amb Oli

Slices of bread with tomato and oil that can be eaten with almost any ingredient. It’s a simple recipe, but it’s a must-try.

Tapas Mallorquinas
Tapas mallorquinas

At Playa de Muro's restaurants, you’ll find a wide selection of typical tapas from the island: frito mallorquín (a seasoned beef stew), tumbet (layered vegetables and potatoes), trampó (Majorcan salad), snails...

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