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Es Comú Playa de Muro

The area of Es Comú de Muro is much more than just another beach in North Mallorca. Beside the beachfront of Es Comú you will find a protected system of sand dunes that falls within the Albufera de Mallorca, renowned as the Nature Park of the Balearic Islands.

The beach is situated between the urban area of Playa de Muro and Ses Casetes des Capellans White sand, untouched nature and an absence of buildings are some of the attractions it offers visitors.

Es Comú

How to access
Es Comú de muro

You will find Es Comú between the urban area of Playa de Muro and Ses Casetes des Capellans, opposite the nature park of s ’Albufera de Mallorca, which it is part of.

Specifically, it is a protected sand dune system of great ecological value, which separates the nature park from the coast.

The beach can be accessed from the seashore itself. It can also be accessed from the inland part - from the Ma-12 road - via authorised footpaths along the edges, which must be kept to at all times in order to protect the natural dune system.

The sand dune system
of Es Comú

Before visiting Es Comú de Muro beach, we want you to know about the environment it is in, as it is a protected area of special natural value.

As you probably already know, a series of recommendations and obligations must be followed when visiting a protected sand dune system in order to avoid damaging it and to allow it to slowly regenerate.

Systems like the one we find at Es Comú are very sensitive to visitors, and so everyone that visits it must be respectful of the environment.

Fauna and Flora Birdwatching paradise

Es comú is situated next to the Albufera de Mallorca nature park, which means it has a large variety of wildlife (mainly migratory birds) and a sensitive and changeable flora depending on the season.

It is a perfect setting for birdwatching, or observing birds such as the Balearic shearwater or the woodchat shrike...

Fauna y Flora

What services are available? Es comú de muro

Es Comú is one of the best-preserved virgin environments of the Balearic Islands, which means it does not have any hammock or parasol services.

The beach has a lifeguard service during the months of July and August. Furthermore, the teams from the nearby beaches tend to pass frequently on their jet skis to monitor the area.

Guidelines when visiting

The Es Comú area can take many years to recover from any alterations, so you must bear in mind the following guidance when visiting.

· The area is closed to road traffic, so you must leave your vehicle parked in an authorised parking space and arrive on foot.

· When you walk, you will see that there are paths marked with rope and wooden fences. It is very important not to leave the path, so as not to damage the dune system. The vegetation that grows on the sand can take a very long time to grow back and is very sensitive to human activities.

· To access the beach, you must keep to the duly signposted paths and edges. If you see that any part of the signage is missing, please still respect the virgin areas and only use the paths.

· It is strictly forbidden to light fires or discard rubbish within or outside of the protected area.

· Respect the vegetation of the area and do not pick plants or flowers.

· It is forbidden to pick up or take away any sand from the protected area, as well as to bring dogs or other pets.

· We recommend that you bring an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun, as well as drinks and food, as there are no loungers or services in the area.

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